Most acoustic guitar players, including working pros and even accomplished singer-songwriters, have a very limited vocabulary of rhythm patterns and grooves. Having a comprehensive range of strumming patterns at your command translates into many more opportunities for playing with other musicians, getting gigs, all while expanding your creative potential for composing your own music. Here are a few lesson studies (there’s more in the full course):

Good Together

We’ll start slowly here by just introducing the Am7 to Fmaj/C chords. You’ve seen this 16th note rhythm before, so your right hand should be primed and ready!
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Acousta Soul

This is the kind of riff based idea I might play on electric guitar, but it sounds every bit as good on acoustic guitar. Once again, familiar chord changes here, so really focus on the riff. Once you get it, you won’t wanna stop playing it!
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Outlaw Vibes

We’ve got another Drop D example here with “Outlaw Vibes”. This is a classic outlaw country style chord progression. Think Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, and David Allan Coe for this example.
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