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The Wizard of Odd

You know as guitar players we are often obsessed with learning new scales. We think if we can just master Hungarian Minor or the Dominant Pentatonic scale that ...

Controlling Your G.A.S.

e all know G.A.S can be uncomfortable. Not in the way that it makes your stomach hurt, but more in the judgment you feel from family and friends when they walk ...

The Axe-Fx Effect

The Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx preamp/FX processor has been a mainstay in my recording arsenal since 2010. It’s also served me well in traveling for gigs in...

Rock and Roll

Early Rockabilly can be boiled down to just a marriage of rock and hillbilly music. Some of it can be thought of as the orchestration of boogie piano. The other...

Rock Funk

The role of the bass player in a rock setting is critical -- you’ve got to lock up with the drummer rhythmically to establish the groove, and at the same time, ...

Slide Study

Slide guitar would not be slide guitar without Elmore James. He played in open D tuning a lot and that is what we are using on this tune as well. I love open D ...