“One of the best pickers on the scene,” Morin brings together the great musical traditions of America like no other. Deft fingerstyle guitar, vocals that convey melodic elation and gritty world-weariness, Morin crafts a style often characterized as full-throttle Native Americana. Morin hails from Montana, relocating to Colorado in the early 80’s, where he currently resides. Morin has toured Europe, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. as a solo artist and as a member of The Pura Fé Trio. “A man and a guitar, a lot of soul, and an understanding of the history of soulful men with guitars in American music can sometimes achieve this kind of timelessness in their work,” comments Richard Higgs (Public Radio Tulsa).  


“I enjoy creating paintings, that you can only see with your imagination.” 

– Cary Morin

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Laid Back – New West Festival August 2018
Live at the Kinney Family Farm
Cradle To The Grave

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