By bridging generations of fans together on the singularity of one message – hope – Dead Horses have organically become the face and sound of Wisconsin’s burgeoning music scene. At a time when Nashville has once again become the center of the industry’s attention, a couple of Midwest kids with acoustic instruments in hand are traveling a path well worn across the country, sharing stories that are unflinchingly honest in their portrayal of modern American life, yet optimistic in its faith in brighter days to come. Described by NPR Music as “evocative, empathetic storytelling,” Dead Horses earned a spot in No Depression’s “Best Roots Music Albums of 2018” list, and Rolling Stone Country declared the band an “Artist You Need to Know.”


“If you’re writing, hopefully it feels just like a practice. You have to say to yourself, ‘This is something I do.’ For me, the song never ends, nor does the story. You just write, and then you take it and shape it, especially if you end up working with and performing with other people. We recently finished a record, and now I’m trying to sit down and rethink how our process works. I really want to hone in; I’d like it to be more deliberate, to really make how we communicate efficient so we have more space to be creative together. I’m not sure how to do that yet, and I think part of that is going to relate to how we record it. I’m thinking about how, if the songs get born at home with me, and then they get re-born again when I record it with the band; how does that change the music? Should we be sitting and talking about every note, or does it get written by playing it? Folk music is usually simple and easy to learn at first, and then it gets reborn every time it’s played. I look at what Paul Simon does—holy shit. He’ll work on a song for years and just really sit with it. I love that. I love writing and people creating stuff together, and all the different ways, different people do that. It all makes me feel like it’s okay to be a human.” 

– Sarah Vos (frontwoman of Dead Horses)

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