Enthralled with music since the age of 8, this young singer/songwriter/musician instantly captures your attention with a vibrant musical soul and passionate control of her instruments that reach far beyond her age. As she mindfully blends Blues, Rock, R&B, Soul and more with her introspective lyrics, the message is clear – when you’re listening to Jackie, you hear the “Truth in Music”. Her live performances revisit what makes music so powerful: emotion and passion. She thrives without the flash, instead favoring a clean sound, genuine soul, and meaningful connection with her audience. Music is not only what Venson does – it’s who she is!


“When I was younger I thought of songwriting as a magical blessing that is bestowed only upon special, chosen people. Since that time I’ve learned I am completely wrong. Songwriting is a muscle that must be worked. When one starts off, the songs may be kitschy and rather unorganized, but with time, one will find their voice and channel it. I’ve experienced it with myself and I’ve seen it in other people, like everything else practice makes perfect! The most beautiful thing about this practice, however, is that no matter where one is in their development they are still making music.”

– Jackie Venson

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