Hailing from Texas, Mike Zito is an American blues guitarist and producer. He has released 15 of his own records and has won 3 Blues Music Awards. A celebrated producer, Zito has produced 25 albums to date and counts records by Samantha Fish, Ally Venable and Albert Castiglia among some of his favorites. With partner Guy Hale, Zito has started Gulf Coast Records and will be releasing discs by Albert Castiglia, Billy Price and Tony Capanella in 2019.


“Songwriting is an art, one I have not mastered. There are many styles and ideas for writing a good song, my best songs are personal and severely honest. I am the main artist for my songs and I have to sing these songs night after night. If the words are dishonest or thrown together, I won’t be able to sing them with intention. I try to write songs that I know I can sing with conviction.”

– Mike Zito

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Dirty Blonde
I Smell Trouble

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