These lessons are designed to equip you with essential strumming patterns for jamming, accompaniment, cover tunes, and original compositions. And of course, there are a ton more in the full course.

Folk Hip

I’m using a D-A-C-G progression. This pattern has a cool hip hop, laid back feel and can easily be used in folk, rock, or pop. Notice if you are anchoring your right hand in order to have more control in hitting the single bass notes. Whether you are or not, just take the time to practice slowly so you can gain accuracy without adding any extra tension in your right hand.
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Practice changing chords just a bit early in order to get to the next chord in time. In this pattern that means the last eighth note in the measure may be played more like a chicken scratch than actual notes.

Pop R&B

This pattern is based on the funky R&B pattern we’ve done, but I’ve added a bass line. I’m using the same chords as before, C#m-G#m7-Bm-F#m7. Once you get it down, see if you can come up with your own ideas for making that bass line move and connect chords. I’ve used 8th notes, but try some 16th note lines and hammer ons. It’s particularly funky when those bass notes are a bit muted with the right hand palm.
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Jazzy Pop

I’m using EMaj9 – BminorSus4. They’re both moveable chord forms, but make sure you mute the high and low E strings if they don’t fit with the chord. In both versions, make sure you use left hand muting. Make sure you watch the palm mute with my right hand on beats 2 and 4. Try this pattern with all kinds of songs – pop, folk, soft rock or any style you want!
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