Usually we feature our artist and educator’s original music in Riffage, but this edition includes 13 practice jam tracks, which correspond to 13 of the lessons featured in this edition of Riff. These are the tracks that the artist used to demonstrate the performance segment of their lesson. In turn, you can use these same tracks to practice those performances on your own. Dig in!

Andrew Ford – Sunny Side Up
Angus Clark – Highway to Angus
Carl Verheyen – C minor 6/8 Vamp
Corey Congilio – Voodoo You Do
Jason Loughlin – Rock and Roll
Jeff McErlain – Bird Out
Jennifer Batten – Bluesy Double Stops
Jim Campilongo – Country Train
Robben Ford – North Carolina
Shane Theriot – Memphis Moves
Sheryl Bailey – Petite Tournesol
Sonny Landreth – Slide Study
Stu Hamm – Rock Funk

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