“Tears From Above” is a Texas blues inspired solo with plenty of nods to Stevie Ray Vaughan. As with all ten of these solos, there’s plenty of call and response phrasing to be found here. I’ve added healthy doses of SRV style vibrato, some aggressive and emotional bending, pre-bends, as well as and step and a half bends.

I’m using the neck position here on my Strat style guitar. I like to use a model of a Soldano SL-100 for sounds like this as well. However, a blackface style Fender amp and transparent “tube screamer” style overdrive pedal should get you in the ball park for this kind a tone.

You’ll really want to make sure you have a handle on all of your C minor pentatonic scale shapes for this solo. Since there are a lot of bends, I would look at those separately and practice getting them in tune.

Video Performance

Jam Track

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