In this solo study, we’ll look at the legendary Angus Young from AC/DC. Their appeal cuts across genres, with hits in 2 different decades. What’s interesting is that AC/DC’s music is simple from a strictly “bookish” perspective, but this simplicity is what makes it so strong and so fragile at the same time. When there are only three chords at play, you better make each note count!

The licks here are pretty straight forward. More important are the position shifting and resulting structure of the solo.

As you work with this study, note the three fret trick to get from minor to parallel major pentatonic scale, particularly Angus’ use of a descending bend from the b7 to the 6th on the 4th string – this is a signature move of his.

Another signature element to pay attention to of this style is Young’s rhythmic pocket – it’s scary good!

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