Rob Garland

Controlling Your G.A.S.

e all know G.A.S can be uncomfortable. Not in the way that it makes your stomach hurt, but more in the judgment you feel from family and friends when they walk ...

The Digital Dinosaur

As a working musician for over twenty years (blimey, has it already been that long?), I am not overly thrilled with the way the music industry has changed in re...

Rob Garland

Rob Garland is as obsessed with music and the guitar now as he was when he was a teenager! He has performed hundreds of gigs across Europe and the U.S. and is proud to be a TrueFire Artist. Check out Rob’s TrueFire classroom and courses in the library, plus his Artist Channel Babylon. Rob currently lives in sunny Los Angeles where he teaches, composes, performs and continues to obsess about music. Visit him via social media and at