Something special for you this issue! Included in this special edition of Riffage are the audio MP3 versions of the songs presented by the educators in the Repertoire section. We also have an accompanying Jam Track where they are used by the artist for education purposes. This way you have both tracks – one to hear and be inspired by and the other to help you in your own practice regime. Dig in and click the download button below for your personal copy of RIFFAGE Jam Track Junction, Volume 2.

Adrian Legg – Karen (Performance)
Allen Hinds – Falling Up (Performance & Jam Track)
Alonzo Pennington – Cannonball Rag (Performance)
Andrew Leonard – Milan Pavan (Performance)
Andy McKee – Drifting (Performance)
Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy (Performance & Jam Track)
Corey Congilio – Tears From Above (Performance & Jam Track)
David Hamburger – Slow Fuse (Performance)
Diego Figueiredo – Todo Lo Que Eres (Performance)
Jeff McErlain – Highlands (Performance & Jam Track)
John Hatcher – Right On Track (Performance)
Johnny Hiland – Country Rock (Performance & Jam Track)
Larry Carlton – Room 335 (Performance & Jam Track)
Oz Noy – Ice Man (Performance & Jam Track)
Robben Ford – Roll With It (Performance & Jam Track)
Roberto Dalla Vecchia – Eight More Miles to Louisville (Performance)
Sean McGowan – Reassuring Response (Performance)
Tommy Emmanuel – Haba Na Haba (Performance)

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