Oklahoma singer-songwriter John Fullbright got his start at the legendary Blue Door Listening Room in Oklahoma City. It was there that he recorded a live album and found his base, opening for many other writers including fellow Oklahomans Kevin Welch and Jimmy Webb. His 2012 studio debut, From the Ground Up, received a Grammy nomination for Americana Album of the Year, and later that year he won ASCAP’s Harold Adamson Award for lyric writing. In 2014, John released the critically acclaimed album “Songs,” toured all over America and the UK, and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. “I never came into this with a whole lot of expectations,” says Fullbright. “I just wanted to write really good songs, and with that outlook, everything else is a perk. The fact that we went to LA and played “Gawd Above” in front of a star­studded audience [at the GRAMMY pre­tel concert], never in my life would I have imagined that.”  That plainspoken approach is part of what’s fueled the young Oklahoman’s remarkable rise. 

Since those hectic early years, John Fullbright has been concentrating on his live performances, either in his new hometown of Tulsa, or during weekend runs across the country.  As he once sang on “I’ve Got All The Time In The World,” John Fullbright isn’t about chasing fame in a hurry.  He is more steady than that.  Newer songs are beginning to appear in concert and someday a new recording will appear.  But honestly those are just earmarks. John Fullbright belongs on a stage where his musical instincts shine.  


from song “When You’re Here” off of his album Songs

“In my heart stands a scarecrow
If he’s hurt he doesn’t say so
And he chases everything he loves away
But at night when its colder
There’s a bluebird on his shoulder
And he whispers that he’ll hold her one bright day

Don’t I feel like something when you’re here
Don’t I feel my lungs losing air
Don’t I feel like I can show you
I’m the one you can go to
When you need another heartbeat near
Don’t I feel like something when you’re here.”

– John Fullbright

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