Tom Wilson is the best-selling author of Beautiful Scars as well as a three-time Juno winning Canadian musician with multiple gold records. He has written for and recorded songs with Sarah McLachlan, City and Colour, Jason Isbell, Colin James, Lucinda Williams, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mavis Staples and The Rankin Family. His band, Junkhouse, has scored eleven top-ten hits, and his iconic, Americana-fueled Blackie and the Rodeo Kings was widely publicized for its presence on George Bush’s iPod. Tom’s most recent incarnation, Lee Harvey Osmond, has received extensive praise and airplay throughout the United States. His art has shown in galleries in New York City, Vancouver, Toronto and more recently, The National Gallery in Ottawa. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.


“I have unchained all the prisoners from my basement and freed the ghosts from my attic. I was the guy who ended up holding the keys to their freedom. It was me who let them out. It’s a job that no one else could do and one that comes with great consequence because these ghosts and prisoners are standing around me now all day, all night long. I told my truth the way I heard it and the way I remembered it and that’s all I have. Everything else is bullshit.”

– Lee Harvey Osmond

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Tom Wilson / LeE HARVeY OsMOND at Massey Hall, Toronto 
Forty Light Years  – LeE HARVeY OsMOND

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