Slide guitar would not be slide guitar without Elmore James. He played in open D tuning a lot and that is what we are using on this tune as well. I love open D and shuffles. In this tune, we’re going to use a D tuning for a blues progression like a song of mine called “Gemini Blues.” We’re going to alternate between fretted notes and slide notes and we’re also going to use the right hand palm to chug out a rhythm that gives the groove more impact.

First up, we’re going to bar on the 12th fret with the slide to get the D chord. Next, I am going to fret behind the slide of the top two strings on the 10th fret to give me the b7th and the 11th of my D chord. Remember to keep that slide right over the 12th fret! Now for my IV (G) and V (A) chords I’m going to use some basic old country blues fingerings. This will spring me off to using the slide on the high string back up to the chugging figure on the top. I have some delay effect on the guitar to help pronounce the rhythm.

Next, I’ll do one of my favorite things and let the strings ring out by lifting up my palm close to the bridge. I will also fret the same notes before behind the 12th fret. Next I’ll go down to the open V chord and slide up a cool little octave move. Return to the IV chord, and back to the main rhythm. Finally I will imply the V chord by fretting on the 10th fret of the fourth string while keeping the slide over the 12th fret. Spend some time on this final lick, as it is very useful.

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