Blair Dunlop, award-winning British singer-songwriter and guitarist, has now released 4 albums 2 EPs and toured around the globe. All of this in a short 5-year career is astounding alone, but what sets Blair apart from his peers is the lyrical and musical maturity with which he writes. His third album Gilded was released in May 2016 on his own label, Gilded Wings, and was widely acclaimed gaining BBC Radio 2 Playlist status for the two single releases (“The Egoist” and “356”). Prior to this, Blair released his acclaimed album House Of Jacks in mid 2014, which lived up to the promise of his 2012 debut Blight and Blossom (the quality of which contributed to his winning the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award). Blair has now cemented his place as one of Britain’s most exciting talents. 2018 Blair saw the release of his 4th album Notes From An Island on his own label to rave reviews. 


“While it’s true, as with anything, that there is a technical consideration when evaluating good songwriting, sentiment and delivery are at least equally so, given that subjectivity is a universal pillar of any art. There are no rules, and the marriage between melody and word is complex and distinct from song to song, but the universal binding factor is performance – or rather, relationship between artist and song. There is great high art and there is great low art, but write it for a reason and you’re halfway there.” 

– Blair Dunlop

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