Jazz Rock fuses the tone, feel, bends, hammers and other rock-centric embellishments and expressions with the sophistication of jazz harmony and improvisation. Playing over changes, the use of exotic scales and modes, crafting more complex lines and solos – are all approaches for the modern jazz rock soloist.

In this vamp, we’ll focus on alternate pentatonics like the G minor pentatonic and the D minor pentatonic and how they’re all contained in the C minor Dorian mode. Let’s work this out!

First, I rock the typical C minor Dorian mode for a handful of bars before seeking out some “strange fruit” up a whole step in D minor. Then after a brief foray back to the C minor zone, I drop down to the 3rd fret for some G minor action. I find that the inclusion of the 4th (F) against the C minor sounds refreshing to me. I should do that more often!

Next, let’s go over the superimposition of the alternate pentatonics, and then I’ll demonstrate a slowed down multi-pentatonic line. After that, I’ll show you one of my favorite simple intervallic lines in slow motion.

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