Jaimee Harris is poised to become the next queen of Americana-Folk, a slightly edgier Emmylou Harris for the younger generation. Her soon-to-be released debut album draws comparisons to Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, and Kathleen Edwards – all writers who know how to craft a heartbreakingly beautiful song with just enough grit to keep you enthralled. Harris writes about the basic human experience in a way that is simple, poetic, and often painfully relatable. Harris’s talent has impressed artists and critics alike. Jimmy LaFave deemed her his “new favorite” and Peter Blackstock of the Austin-American Statesman called her “one of Austin’s most promising young singer-songwriters.”

“She’s quick to pay homage to her musical heroes, but Jaimee Harris is her own person, with her own voice. She’s got a natural songwriter’s instinct for the hard truth, and a voice that brings them home with a visceral punch. Pay attention.” – Gretchen Peters


“Songwriting helps me to carefully express what I want to say in times when I can’t make sense of anything in my head. I like having a formula: verses, chorus, bridge. When I put it all down on paper, the song typically informs me of my experience, which helps me to process my pain and release the poison inside. It allows me to take my power back. When I share those vulnerable songs, others come up to me and say ‘me, too’ and I know that I’m not alone. The songs have saved my life over and over again by reminding me that I do truly belong in the world.”

– Jaimee Harris

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Depressive State
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