In this study, we’ll be focusing on behind the nut bending phrases along with some lines using harmonics, while playing over the familiar progression of E, A7, B7.

I recommend listening to the performance of Country Train a few times, paying particular attention to the chord changes. Having the changes clear in your head will help you when you start to work our your own parts over the practice track.

One of the key techniques I used to great impact on my own creativity and expressive abilities is behind-the-nut bending. If you are new to behind-the-nut bending, I recommend going slowly and getting a feel for how the different bent notes sound. Don’t be afraid to dig in and test the sound of what you can do behind the nut. Try gradual bends, quick bends, bends of varying degrees etc. Once you are comfortable, you will start to get a feel for the technique and can really start to open the door to some very expressive playing.

Let’s dig in!

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