Being a phenom lead player is all well and good, but it’s one’s rhythm chops that keep the phone ringing off the hook. Rhythm Mojo’s musical focus is in the sweet spot of Rock Funk, New Orleans, Gospel, Blues, Memphis Muscle Shoals, Zydeco, Swamp, Soul Jazz, Classic Funk and Hard Funk.

In this lesson, I’ve got a great-feeling R&B soul progression and I’ll show how to apply triads, double stops and 3rds in the style of of Cropper, Curtis and other R&B players. You’ll want to keep that driving pulse going around your fills to really make the track work.

However, the main point of this lesson is that sometimes it’s just in the right hand (or strumming hand). Note how I’m just using standard bar chords, nothing fancy here. The chunk on the bottom strings is the meat of the whole riff. Note the use of the 6th chord, this is a nice sub for a dominant 7th chord sometimes. The hammer-ons are classic and should be a point of study on their own. I also slide into the chords on the approach, which makes it bounce a little more.

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